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“My first word as a baby was 'Bruno,' my St. Bernard’s name!”


Style and Approach

Every animal has a story to tell: who they are, where they’ve been, and how they view the world around them. Sandy Mallalieu captures those moments by creating an uncluttered, fun and relaxed environment. This allows the unique, often quirky, and ultimately endearing characteristics and personalities of all her subjects to be highlighted and revealed.


Sandra's Story


What the Community is Saying About Us:

Doberman Rescue Unlimited
Sakina & Gregg
Cape Ann Animal Aid


Sandra’s Story

Growing up, Sandra closely observed her mother seek out and photograph the natural beauty found in the parks throughout New England. Along with a household full of pets, she was often the subject of portrait sessions in her mother’s at-home studio.

In grammar school her mother taught her the technique of developing her own film. Ever since she can remember, Sandra always carried a camera. She got her first 35mm camera at the age of 13, and, after a trip with her family to France and Italy, she began truly exploring the world through her own lens. The interest and passion carried throughout high school, college and graduate school – where she worked for the school newspaper to document fieldwork from her experiences in Europe.


In high school she partnered with a journalist to photograph racing cars at a local racetrack. It was not uncommon to find Sandra jumping onto the track at the end of the races to capture the winning shots of cars and drivers, fearlessly competing with well established and seasoned photographers, and loving every minute of it.


Throughout graduate school she had the good fortune to travel to exotic places including India, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Botswana, and the Czech Republic, always fulfilling her passion by taking her camera with her wherever she went.


BA Mount Holyoke College
MA Syracuse University
Professional Photography Certificate, Boston University's Center for Digital Imaging Arts


What the Community is Saying About Us


Patricia Heller

Director of Development,

Potter League


Thank you so very much for being a part of the Potter League's Grand Opening Celebration.


You have created a treasury of photographs that I know we will use time and time again from one of the most momentous occasions in our organization's 80 year history.


Your photographs are extraordinary. You captured the very essence of our volunteers, guests and most importantly - our animals.


You are a gifted photographer who puts your heart into your work. The Potter League feels very fortunate to be the beneficiary of your great talent.



Laurie Guptill

Board of Directors,

Doberman Rescue Unlimited, Inc.
Sandown, New Hampshire


Sandra Mallalieu has spent countless hours volunteering at the Doberman Rescue Unlimited (DRU) shelter in Sandown, New Hampshire. The first assignment she tackled was creating a photo essay "A Day in the Life of Doberman Rescue". Her realistic approach and narrative captions bring the viewer into the heart of a working shelter; from mundane staff chores, to the playful interaction between the dogs and their caregivers.

In partnership with DRU, Sandra has photographed over 100 rescued Dobermans to support our adoption efforts. By capturing a moment in time with a floppy ear, mid-air tongue lick, or hopeful expression in a dog’s eyes, Sandra’s whimsical style has taken her photographic skills to a mature and highly professional level, without losing the creativity and fun of doing something that she loves. Her unique communication with animals brings out the personality and character of the pet in the photograph.


We are deeply appreciative of Sandra's talent and time in selflessly supporting us to place unwanted Dobermans in loving homes through her incredible work.



Pit Bull Parent
Annapolis, Maryland


I recently had Sandra Mallalieu from Muddy Paws Studio come to my home to photograph our third family member, Lucy the Pit Bull. Given that these dogs have been lionized by the media, I was not sure whether Sandra would agree to photograph Lucy. Not only did she agree to photograph her, she captured the personality of this loving companion in a way that no one ever has. She expertly caught Lucy's wonderful expressions and personality. Her photographic representation of Lucy is so lifelike it gives me chills every time I look at the photos!


In addition, Sandra did an amazing job of capturing Lucy in such a style, that I consider the photographs works of art. My husband had been away on business for 6 weeks, so I was able to email him a link to the photos to visit with his "girl". He said it brought a lump to his throat.


Sandra was patient in coaxing Lucy to give of her best when "modeling" and she seemed to have such fun with Lucy that Lucy did not want to let Sandra go. She had found a new friend. Sandra is a true animal lover, outstanding artist and the consummate professional. Thank you Sandra and Muddy Paw Studio!


Sakina and Gregg

Kitty Parents
Arlington, Massachusetts


Thank you for the most spectacular job you did in capturing our three kitties' unique personalities...Koko's elegance, Mojo's playfulness, and Otis' kingly behavior (super kudos for getting this shy one to even take a shoot!) You really have a wonderful talent for connecting with animals and making them feel at ease.


Rebecca Baylies

Public Relations Manager,

Cape Ann Animal Aid
Gloucester, Massachusetts


Sandra is an incredibly talented professional animal photographer. Her patience with even the most rambunctious dog and cat is astounding. She graciously donated her services to help support the cause and mission of the Cape Ann Animal Aid. We were incredibly lucky to have her! Her images of Cape Ann Animal Aid dogs and cats appear on most of our publicity materials ranging from our website to our informational brochure. We consistently receive compliments for these images and are happy and proud to attribute all of the credit to Sandra!


Christopher Merlan

Pembroke, Massachusetts


Sandy visited our home recently to do a portrait sitting of our newly adopted dog. She was extremely professional, quick, prompt, and courteous. She set up her studio quickly and effectively and had her own treats and toys on hand to ensure our dog was in the right position on the backdrop. We also wanted a couple of pictures with our children and Sandy was great with our 3 and 4 year old children. She took some great shots of the kids with the dog. We would definitely use her services again.



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